Thursday, December 30, 2010

Zoya- Adina

Adina, Hebrew, from [adin] meaning "slender, delicate."


I took advantage of a free-shipping code from Zoya a couple weeks ago. Adina was my choice. I must say, I did a damn fantastic job of picking a color. This is just....awesome. It's almost my perfect color. I loooooove duochromes, and I loooooove purple. The green flash just makes it that much more zippy.

It was part of a spring collection I think, but I'd wear this year round. It's gorgeous, and if you don't mind walking on the wild side, colorwise, this is a great one to go with.

The unfortunate drawback is that Zoya polish can be expensive, at 7 bucks a bottle. But hey, you almost pay that for some drug store polishes, at MUCH less quality. This polish went on like silk, dried quickly, had shininess galore, and hardly even a whiff of a fume! Seriously, I hardly smelled it at all!

To top it off, it lasted forever. I wore it on my toes for 2 weeks with 1 coat, repeat, 1 coat (although, on fingers, I did 2, just to cover up all trace of VNL). I never touched it up once. And at 2 weeks, it had NO chips. But my nails had grown out some so it was pulled away from my cuticle area, and I was ready for something else so I changed it. But it was still gorgeous.

Awesome color and formula aside, I just plain like the company. They are on Facebook and are always doing great promotions and giveaways. I hear they once did a old-bottle swap. You sent in any bottle of old polish, and they'd give you brand new Zoya polish. I don't know the logistics, but either way, can you go wrong there? I know I'd be in hog heaven if they did that again!

Report card time:

Color= A+ (unique, just awesomely awesome)
Formula= A+ (again, PERFECTION)
Brush= A (almost the best, but the handle was a smidge short for me)
Price= D- ($7 a piece, plus shipping. But, you can scope out deals, so it's not so bad)

Overall= B+

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