Saturday, December 11, 2010

Revlon- Plum Night

My favorite plum
lies in wait for me
I'll be right here
longing endlessly
---"My Favorite Plum" Suzanne Vega


Again, awful swatch, sorry. But this is a pretty color. It takes 3-4 coats to ensure even coverage. It's very rich and dries fairly quickly considering. I have worn it so much I didn't want to do it again even to get it swatched. But it's pretty, take my word for it. It's a super dark plum purple that almost seems black. It's very dramatic and a "fancy" color, perfect for holiday shindigs. I like this color but I do still prefer Nicole by OPI's "Show You Care" better because it's a smidge brighter and has a delicate shimmer.

Report card:

Color= B+ (better than average, but lots of brands have similar ones, so it's sorta generic)
Formula= C+ (dries quickly and has a nice glossy finish, but takes too many coats to evenly coat the nail)
Brush= B (solidly average, like most Revlon brushes)
Price= C- (I got this as a gift, but they are 4.79 at my Walgreens, which is expensive, considering China Glaze and Finger Paints are similar in price but much nicer in quality)

Overall= C+

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