Monday, December 20, 2010

Franken- "Apoplexy"

"Apoplexy is a sudden abolition of all the senses, external and internal, and of all voluntary motion, by the stoppage of the flux and reflux of the animal spirits through the nerves destined for those motions."
---Dr. John Arbuthnot


This was my attempt at a Paradoxal/Perplex type color. I took the remnants of the half-empty OPI Soho Nice to Meet You, plus a little black (Sinful Colors, Black on Black), plus a teal metallic with green and gold shimmer which was the sister color to the fuchsia/plum color, in an L.A. Colors' 2 pack called "Paradise." I dumped as much of the teal as I could. This was the result. As you can see, it's more grape-purple than grey-purple. It's ok though. I think it would have been better if the OPI didn't have the silvery shimmer to begin with, I think it throw's the whole intended finish off. I still think it's a pretty color, and it wears well.

Report card:

Color= A- (I think it's unique, and fun, and definitely a color I would like to wear frequently)
Formula= A- (the OPI was thick to begin with, but the addition of the newer, thinner polishes is great, and it maintained it's original OPI quality)
Brush= n/a (just happened to end up in the OPI bottle, which has an awesome brush by the way)
Price= A- (I estimate this cost me about a buck fifty, considering I was about to toss the OPI, it was too thick on its own)

Overall= A-

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