Monday, December 13, 2010

Sally Hansen- Fizz It Is

"Get Bizzy with the fizzy baby"
---Garbage "Get Bizzy With the Fizzy Baby"


Bleh. I really was looking forward to this color. It looks much less frosty in the bottle than on the nail, so that was a disappointment. In the bottle, it looks like a slightly shimmery creamy milk off-white. On the nail, it's FROSSSSSSTTTTTYYYYYY. It's like, pure frost. It's hard to see anything beyond the icy sheen. It's nice for a holiday mani maybe. If you like frosty. I like frosty though and this is too much for me. I think I'll franken with it later.

Good news is that it was only 50 cents, since I found it in a 2 pack for a buck at Dollar Tree. Also, considering its cheapness, the application wasn't so bad, although the dry time and finish ended up fairly lacking. It was gummy and ultra-imprintable for a long time and took 4 coats to get even this weak opacity. It might be nice for layering though, so I might try that before I send it off to the franken-pile.

Report card:

Color= F (way too frosty, it's distracting, and shows the brush strokes too badly)
Formula= D (it's definitely close to failing completely)
Brush= B- (pretty average, which shocked me considering the price)
Price= A+ (can't beat 50 cents! Gotta love Dollar Tree)

Overall= C

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