Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wet n Wild- Morbid

I love the dead before they're cold,
Their blueing flesh for me to hold.
Cadaver eyes upon me see nothing
---"I Love the Dead" by Alice Cooper


Morbid is a very dark pine green base with green and teal shimmer. It was lovely and perfect for Christmas, despite it's Halloween-ish name, when I needed a dark, fancy-type green to correspond on my other hand, opposite the L.A. Colors Hot-Blooded.

It was $1.99 at Walgreens, but I got it on sale for $1.09. I bought Lust with it as well, and since I had been so impressed with that one, I had high hopes for Morbid. It's not that it is bad formula- it's not, it's actually great. The color is great too. My problem was the terrible brush. There are like 5 strands that are longer than the rest, and the rest seem sort of "fluffy" and puffed up. It's unusual. But, I guess for such a cheap price, you can't be too shocked. But it makes for a very difficult application.

However, ultimately, I really like this color. I will wear it again, and indeed, I wore it several times this month. I also layered WNW Blitzen over it at one point (pictured earlier) and absolutely loved that effect. I think Blitzen might be my favorite nail polish purchase of all year. It's certainly been the most versatile, despite being a holiday polish. I'll be rocking that bad boy come New Year's Day and I bet my birthday as well.

Anyway, Morbid's report card:

Color= B+ (pretty neat, but lots of brands have similar colors)
Formula= A- (pretty dang good, it might be a smidge prone to bubbles though)
Brush= F (practically useless)
Price= A- (even not on sale, $1.99 isn't bad)

Overall= B-

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