Thursday, December 16, 2010

L.A. Colors- Megawatt

I llllloooooooovvvvvveeee this song from a show my kids watch on PBS- The Electric Company


I found this polish along with half a dozen others at Dollar Tree, a buck each, obviously, lol. I was most excited for this color. I love peachy/pinky/beigey shades, since I am fond of "lazi mani's" where I just put on a single coat of a sheer polish and call it a day. It gives a nice gloss, hint of color, and protects my nail in just a single step.

This one however didn't look right as one coat, at least, not with my stained nails. I can't remember what it was that stained them, but I think it was CG Classic Camel, and that was in September I believe? Or October? Either way, the stained portion is just now over halfway grown out. I'm sure there are ways to lighten it, but I don't know any. I already scrubbed with toothpaste and even buffed it heavily, but this orangey stain is still very visible with clear or sheer polishes.

Mega Watt is a peach-toned beige with very faint gold and silver fine-grade shimmer. First coat, I expected it to be sheer. Second coat, it looked hardly even a smidge more opaque than the first, or even really like I had anything on to begin with. Third coat, same story, although it did finally get at least noticably darker "peach" tone, though still very very sheer. Fourth coat, more peachiness, hardly any more opaque. It really needs more than 4 coats, but I stopped there, since I felt like it was an exercise in futility. My staining continue to show through at 4 coats, and that's not good. They looked like 50 year old chain-smoking divorcee, or maybe Patty and Selma's nails (The Simpsons). If I can get rid of this staining, I will revisit this polish, but it will take a while yet, about another 2-3 months I'm thinking.

Report card:

Color= D- (good in theory, but they made it too thin)
Formula= B+ (it was actually nice, quick-drying, hardy, nice finish, etc)
Brush= B (average)
Price= A+ (can't beat an A!)

Overall= B-

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  1. o.o *looks at polish drawer*
    This is in my untrieds...I was excited to wear it because it looks pretty in the bottle. But I think I'm gonna find a way to get rid of it now.
    Thank you for the swatch!!