Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Savvy (Femme Couture) - Hazelnut

Under the hazelnut moon
I know the end is coming soon...
---song lyrics, "Hazelnut Moon" by Joel Willoughby


This is a nice polish. I think it isn't really "hazelnut" but more copper or bronze. It's a very pretty color and I think flattering for most people. But, honestly, it was expensive, especially since I have LA Colors' Topaz, which I feel is comparable enough in color, and maybe even superior in formula, and definitely WAY superior in price. Not to say this one is bad or anything, it's just that I like the Topaz better, and they are so similar, I feel they are kinda superfluous. Oh well.

Report card:

Color= B- (average I guess, and loses points since there are cheaper alternatives)
Formula= B+ (basically average, maybe a smidge better)
Brush= B (average)
Price= C ($4.29 at Sally Beauty- not too bad, but I think for their limited color selection, and small bottles, there are better investments)

Overall= B-

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