Thursday, December 16, 2010

Franken- "Office Party"

"At the Office Xmas Party I met my fate
Under the snowflakes hanging shared a cigarette
The xmas lights were blinking I felt so sure
The decorations over office furniture"
---Office Xmas Party, by Los Abandoned


This is my franken experiment. I have wanted a red duochrome with green flash, after being inspired by Cover Girl's old Nailslick lacquer, Chocolate Mint, a dark brown with green/teal flash.

So, I took an extra bottle of OPI Soho Nice to Meet You that I had laying around that was a smidge thick, plus some of the China Glaze Chiaroscuro, which is a nude with delicate green shimmer. Initially, it was more brown than red, so I added some Hard Candy Fishnet to redden it up. Ultimately, this is what I ended up with. It is a brickish red with silver shimmer (from the Soho) and very random green shimmer, since I couldn't use any more of the Chiaroscuro or risk overfilling the bottle. It's ok, as far as color goes, but not my intended color. I wanted more true red, less rust-tone, and much more in-your-face green flash.

Nevertheless, I do like the color and I will wear it again. The addition of the newer polishes to the old, thick Soho improved it and the formula is nice. It applies smoothly, dries fairly quickly, and it glossy and hardy when dry.

Report card:

Color= B+ (not my intention, but it's still interesting and unique)
Formula= A- (very nice)
Brush= n/a (crap bottle from an old L.A. Colors' French Cream, which I redacted since I determined it was without usefulness)
Price= C- (I calculated the price of this at 4.83, not counting the Soho, since I was about to trash it)

Overall= B-

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