Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have just recently returned to my high-school love affair with the fun, eternal pick-me-up that is nail polish. Granted, I am not really familiar with all the nail lingo and I have a limited array of options available to me, what with me being a full-time SAHM, full-time student living on just one income from my hardworking hubby. He's a fantastic provider, but I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for nail polish when I personally have just as much fun with the el cheapos! Occasionally I get some nice splurges from my mother-in-law or fancy polish hand-me-downs from my mom, but for the most part, these are your common drugstore variety. And I love them. :)

I hope you enjoy my collection as well as my comments. I know one thing that annoys me about some other nail blogs is that it almost seems like reading a medical report, what with all the jargon. So I plan to keep it simple and just the stuff that I find important as a conscientious consumer, like the price, the quality, if I received comments on it, the drying-time, etc.

Without further adieu, let the nail-frivolity begin!

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