Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sally Hansen- Adorable Amethyst

She smokes like an amethyst
Moving her way through my skin
She moves me
---Fightstar "Amethyst"


More apologies for crappy application. What can I say, I am a hurried n00b. Ignoring this, pay just attention to the lovely color. It's a rich, vibrant plummy hue with delicate shimmer. I really enjoy the formula as well, although I feel like it is slow to completely dry. It has shine like you wouldn't believe though. I believe it is a color that probably would look good on most skin tones also, even if it might not be the most unique color in the world.

Wish we had more sun, so I could take better shots!

Report card:
Color=B+ (average color, above average shine)
Formula=B (right at average in my opinion)
Brush=C+ (a little long, which is a poor fit for the slightly runny nature of the polish)
Price= B- (I paid 2.17 for mine and I think they are just 3 bucks at Walgreens anyway?)

Overall= B-


  1. This is really pretty. It looks like a jelly in this photo, but does this have shimmer as well?

  2. Yes, I think it is a jelly. I am totally a n00b and really I'm not sure what a jelly is technically, but it certainly seems like a syrupy suspesion, and fairly sheer (this is 3 coats and it probably needed another) and yes, there is shimmer. I think it is either silvery shimmer or faint plummy pink shimmer, or a mixture of both.