Friday, November 19, 2010

OPI- Soho Nice To Meet You

"Destination unknown
Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho"
---Rancid "Ruby Soho"


This is one of my first polishes and is very cherished. It is darker red than my favorite OPI red, I'm Not Really a Waitress. It has a delicate shimmer as well, and the formula is awesome, even with my bottle that is several years old at this point. It basically applies itself. Even though I complain about the price, for me, there really is not much better than OPI. Excellent color selections, flawless formula, great brushes, and awesomely clever names really add up to a wonderful polish.

This will continue to be the color (along with INRAW, which is actually even more awesome in my opinion) I go for when I want to feel sexy, confident, and classy.

Report card:
Color= A+ (Some people may prefer more daring or unique colors, but honestly, classics are classics for a reason)
Formula= A+ (easily applied, durable, shiny, and quick-drying, this formula hits all the marks)
Brush= A+ (just right! Makes application extremely easy)
Price= D- (8 bucks is just such a pricetag for nail polish on my budget. I do consider it a good investment though if this is a color you will wear a lot, so I can't bear to give this an F)

Overall= B+

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