Saturday, November 13, 2010

Orly- Prince Charming

"Prince charming can you rescue me
Are you real can you make me feel
Feel unreal"
---Willa Ford "Prince Charming"


This color is a lovely, milky cocoa color. It has no shimmer, it is straight-up creamy, chocolatey goodness. The formula took some getting used to, it was thick, but not in a bad way. It was very forgiving and smoothed out quickly with application. I could probably get away with just a single coat, which is great for days when I'm on the run. I prefer it for fall and winter, but I also think it's neutral enough to work year-round. It lasted perfectly for 2 days and showed no sign of stopping, but I was bored and itching for something new.

The brush was adequate, but something that really made application much easier was the rubberized handle.

I bought it at Sally Beauty and it was a spicy meatball for me- $5.99. I will only pay that for unique colors in the future, even with the nice formula. I get so bored so quickly, that I don't have to have the long-lasting quality, I'm all about the color my friend, and I'm pretty sure I've seen similar colors with cheaper brands.

Report Card-
Color= B+ (not entirely unique, but is a flattering color I think for most people)
Formula=A (just about the best I've personally used, but a smidge thick and not very fast-drying)
Brush= A- (Average quality brush, but the handle earned extra credit)
Price= D+ (almost regret buying it at 5.99, I'm budget-challenged)

Overall= B


  1. This is a pretty color. It is lighter than I thought. Does it look darker in real life?

  2. I depends on the light. I have olive-toned skin, so colors tend to look lighter on me than normal. Also, my camera isn't the best, and we have had like NO sun basically for 2 weeks.

    Thanks for joining my blog btw, I love your's, it's my favorite. I might hit you up for jewelry-making tips, I have an assortment of reclaimed beads and other assorted ephemera I really want to create stuff with.