Thursday, November 25, 2010

Arissa- My Favorite Red

When in doubt, wear red.
---Bill Blass


This isn't the best picture. We've had nearly no sun for a while, it's been drab and wet and dreary outside. Anyway, this is a pretty color, and I think it's a jelly. This is 4 coats and I think it really needed another. It has a very slight shimmer and it also has a pink cast to it, so I don't think it's straight-up red. More of a fruit punch kind of red and more appropriate for spring or summer in my opinion. It was just 2 bucks at my local Family Dollar. They only had 3 colors, this one, a really dark red, and a purple glittery color. I bought this and the purple.

It's ok, especially considering the price, but I don't think it's anything special, and certainly not my favorite red as the name proclaims. But it's fun in its own way.

Report card:
Color= C (pretty standard, nothing to write home about)
Formula= B- (very sheer, but still a nice polish to work with, and dried fairly quickly with a pretty glossy finish, and it seemed hardy as well)
Brush= B+ (slightly better than average. I really liked the slightly rubberized-feeling handle)
Price= B+ ($2 is all. Well, it might be a good investment if you need a good red jelly to franken with, or maybe a fun glossy red for summer or spring, but I think it is likely to be overshadowed by other reds you probably already have in your collection)

Overall= B-

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