Saturday, January 29, 2011

OPI- Take the Stage

He was a "rock and roll messiah"
She was known for her childcare
The truth is gonna give up the world
If you can give up the stage
If I can give up the stage
If we can give up the stage
---Live "Stage"


Like the others in the collection, it isn't so bad. But it's a glitter, which is not really my kind of thing. It's nice enough though, if you are into glitters. It's very foil-ish in finish and lasts well. It isn't so gritty either as other glitters can be, it's pretty fluid and smooth. It's a pretty, juicy orange too, it's nice. Unfortunately, it's not very versatile in my opinion. Also, it might make some people's skin look off, green or brassy.

Color= B (it's nice, if you like orange and glitter)
Formula= A (really nice, as OPI usually is)
Brush= A (this is a mini, but OPI's are usually great, though minis usually stink, especially with glitters)
Price= D- ($7.50, either a good investment, if you like it, or a total wash, if you hate it)

Overall= B-


  1. I am so with you...I'm not into glitters at all for myself. This looks nice on you!

  2. Thank you! I should have cleaned it up, but the more I mess with glitters, the worse my cuticles get and often the bigger the mess in general.