Saturday, January 8, 2011

nameless Wet n Wild, what are you?


One of the colors I thought my nameless Wet n Wild holiday gift-set pink might have been was Wild Card. Walgreens restocked their WNW display, so I snagged it. I knew when I saw the bottle in person that it was not my nameless color. I did a comparison anyway. Wild Card is more purple, while the nameless one is more pink and more duochrome with a somewhat metallic finish. I like both quite a bit, but Wild Card wins. It's just lovely.



  1. If I was the color namer- I'd call that nameless one Polished Pebble.

  2. Your nameless wnw is Misty Rose, and it's a wild shine formula (i have it in a wild shine bottle from a 5 pack) :)