Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Comparison- Sally Hansen Nail Prisms' Holos


Left to right: Purple Diamond, Pink Rose Diamond, and Blush Diamond.

I found these at Dollar Tree in 2 packs for a buck each. That's a pretty good deal. However, I apparently do not like holos. I like the purple one, but that's minimally so. The rest I can do without. They are all too similar for me to need them all.

They kinda take a little bit to dry, but not too bad, and they have a nice finish. I just don't like holos, bottom line. I think it looks odd on my fingers. Maybe for a party or something?


  1. I agree, they're pretty similar to have all 3...but they are super fun!

  2. My Dollar Tree never got these 2-packs (or if they did, I missed them). I love holos, myself. :)