Monday, January 3, 2011

OPI- The Show Must Go On

"The Show must go on!
The Show must go on! Yeah,yeah!
Ooh! Inside my heart is breaking!
My make-up may be flaking...
But my smile, still, stays on!"
---Queen, The Show Must Go On


Wow, isn't that just brazen glory right there!? It's a deep, cranberry red foil/glitter. I got it in a mini set of the Burlesque collection. For that reason, my review may be affected, since the minis won't lend themselves to thick, glitter-based polishes, I'm thinking. It was hard to apply and took several coats.

Ultimately, I thought it was rather pretty and definitely fit the mindset of the collection. I can totally see a showgirl rocking this polish, leading the fellas around with just one crook of her finger. However, as lush and beautiful as it is, I don't think I will wear this polish any other time than the holidays. It's just not my regular style, and I found the glitter bothersome to remove, even with the FOIL method. I am just not a fan of glitters, no way around it.

Report card:

Color= B+ (very pretty, but not versatile)
Formula= B- (thick and unwieldy at times, but I blame the mini brush)
Brush= C+ (too small for this polish- if you want this color, get the full-size)
Price= F (OPI are expensive for this little country bumpkin, at $8.50. I know there are worse ones, but that's a spicy meatball for me)

Overall= C

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