Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Barielle- Snow Day

Hal Branston: Come on Lane! This snow day happened for a reason. It's given me a second chance with Claire.
Lane Leonard: Hal, what do you think she's gonna do? Hold you to your chest and lick your ear and call you funky?
---Snow Day (2000)


Ok, so the weather outside is nice today. I thought I'd be contrary and post this polish today. In the bottle, I was pretty wowed. It looks like a pretty metallic grey-blue shade. It unfortunately was not my cup o' tea.

During application, it was thick and globby and hard to maneuver. Remember, I've been out of the polish game for a while, plus, I have a health problem that sometimes gives me shaky hands, so polishes too thick or thin can be a bad idea for me. This was definitely too thick. Not only that, look at all the brush-strokes. It was not attractive. I later tried a topcoat which did not help at all. I think if you try it, you will need one thick coat of topcoat or at least 2-3 regular ones, just to overcome the chalky texture.

It did last a while though. 3-4 days with no damage. It may have went longer but I was way bored with it.

Report card:

Color= C- (kinda generic, and even if pretty in the bottle, it doesn't stay that way on the nail)
Formula= D (I found it extremely difficult to apply and hated how bad it was for brushstrokes)
Brush= C- (again, just too long for this polish)
Price= D+ ($6 at Ulta usually, though mine was 1.99 on clearance)

Overall= D+

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  1. Sad that this one didn't work out for you; it is a pretty color. Thinner could help with the consistency but likely wouldn't do much for the brushstroke issues.